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New from Bathory Legion

Bathory Legion has released a split with Nox 210. It’s finally available on Bandcamp from today, the 28th of February, because as Bathory Legion explains herself:

“On this occasion of the departure of ratzinger on 28th of February, we work to use this as the catalyst towards the beginning of the end of catholicism”

More music from Bathory Legion later on Spring on Stahlwerk Radio.


Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle’s interview for the film “I dream of wires”

Chris Carter explains how he used to work at TG’s time and how he’s working now, stating his enthusiasm for this re-discover of modular synths, which he integrates with digital machines.
This interview, as the previous of Christina Sealey from Orphx, are part of the film “I dream of wires”.

“I Dream of Wires” (IDOW) is an upcoming, independent documentary film about the phenomenal resurgence of the modular synthesizer – exploring the passions, obsessions and dreams of people who have dedicated part of their lives to this esoteric electronic music machine.

Milano, 21 febbraio 2013. “Dall’Evento all’Oggetto: sound art, radicalità, metadesign e pratiche dell’arte dell’ascolto”

Milano, 21 febbraio 2013. “Dall’Evento all’Oggetto: sound art, radicalità, metadesign e pratiche dell’arte dell’ascolto”

Per gli amici di Milano e dintorni, da non perdere: interverranno Gianluca Becuzzi (Limbo) e Paolo Bandera (Sigillum S, SSHE Retina Stimulants e altri). 
Per il programma completo controllare il link pubblicato sul sito di “The New Noise“.

ART POSTFOLK FEST II. 16/03/2013 in Rome.

ART POSTFOLK FEST II. 16/03/2013 in Rome.


Through their music, the duo Roma Amor aim to recreate the nostalgia and the atmosphere of the
old Europe, dominated by waltzes, tangos and cabaret music. ROMA AMOR consider themselves as being a dark Cabaret `n´ Folk band, that has released four album so far. Their tracks are inspired by the Mediterranean folklore, but also much more. Their last two albums (“Occhi Neri” and “17.3”) resonate perfectly with the Folk Noir and Dark Cabaret entwinement, dominated by a female voice that holds impressive low tonalities, sung in many different languages, together with guitars, accordion and other little weird instruments. The rest of their repertoire also keeps alive the aroma of those romantic nights seen in the old black and white movies or heard from stories told by our grandparents. On the night of the 16th of March, in Rome, we will inhale a little bit of the perfume of old Paris, Roma, Madrid…


This project was born in Recanati, December 2000, by Federico Flamini and Valentina Castellani’s common interest in mixing and joining their past musical experiences, apparently so different one to another: Federico and his electronic experiments under the Kunst Mork and Commotus Ingenio nicknames; Valentina as a student for polyphonic songs with Giuliano Viabile. At a first hearing, lyrics appear to be in german, but don’t get wrong: the sonorities of that language is used exclusively for phonetics. The inspirer is Christian Morgenstern, surrealist German poet of the late ‘800, who accuses its epochal cultural down-hilling with lyrics between the joke and the grotesque; those lyrics are completely disgregated and then reassembled to perfectly fit the melodic line: some words are stretched, others are anagrammed and songs are deformed. Der Feuerkreiner’s exhibitions are supported by videos aimed to capture the audience attention into series of images that act as a visual tapis roulant supporting the duo sonorities, involving into a vortex sequence of sensations throughout the show. All this thanks to their friend and director Michele Senesi, awarded by various national short-film festivals (Officine Italia in Ferrara, Digicomics in Napoli, and recently winner for the second year in the row of the Cinema Trash Festival of Torino) and present into other projects such as Les Enfants Pendus (group working at audio-visual narrative projects and cinema revitalization) and the Bradipo Film


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Stahlwerk Radio compilation

Stahlwerk Radio compilation

Here is the direct link to the long-time sold-out Stahlwerk Radio compilation. The zip-file contains cover and track-list too.

1 Flutwacht – Rostigesplitter 3

2 Wertham – Streetcleaner (True Force Mix)

3 MachinamentumVinctumTortusve – Salvator

4 Kreuzer – Regni Novitas

5 Kalter Kreis – Mourning Bombs

6 No Light For Tomorrow – Laceration

7 Peter M. vs Mushy – Rush Of Knowledge

8 TramaafonA – Mai Sorto

9 Malato – Another P

10 D.B.P.I.T. – Bekyrap

11 FM – SL.Lb(ogm Killer)

12 _39.6 Eranot – Break

13 PRXS – Glitch Hop Krsna (Hypermantra Mix)

14 Mushroom’s Patience – Jazzy The Butcher

15 Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte – Strictly Confidential (Confession Report)

16 Institution D.O.L. – This Is My Life

Welcome to Stahlwerk Radio’s blog


We are not a radio channel, but a small organization from Rome, Italy. The idea after the word “radio” is we liked the transmission process of radio-waves. The word “stahlwerk” (german word for “steelwork”) was meant to give more strength to the name and to recall the industrial culture to which the music and art we like is related to.