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  • 12 April: dj-set @ Factory Brancaleone for Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte’s release-party;
  • beginning of May (hopefully): A new compilation / tribute to Tesla;
  • 4 May: WIELORYB (Hands Prod.) live on 4th of May (in cooperation with our friends of Synth:Etica)
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MMM’s new album release party ( + Bathory Legion live, Sergio Gilles Lacavalla recital)

MMM’s new album release party ( + Bathory Legion live, Sergio Gilles Lacavalla recital)

Factory Brancaleone, Stahlwerk Radio, Trips und Träume present:
will perform live for the first time “BLACK LAKE CONFIDENCE”, their new, and sixth, album out in April on Trips und Träume (
For this occasion MMM will play for the first time ever with a drummer, Paolo Pineschi (known for his electronic/ambient/noise project “Condanna”).
Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte is:
Adriano Vincenti – vocals
Lorenzo Macinanti – electronics
Pierluigi Ferro – sax
Paolo Pineschi – drums
The event will be opened by the dark-ambient / death-industrial music of BATHORY LEGION, (second live performance in Rome since 2008), and by actor SERGIO GILLES LACAVALLA, who will perform a noir recital.Ambient and noisy atmospheres by STAHLWERK RADIO will be the perfect soundtrack for you in the bar and lounge area.
Here is the programme:MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE (doom jazz)SERGIO GILLES LACAVALLA (recital)BATHORY LEGION (dark ambient)STAHLWERK RADIO (dj-set)Location: Cinema-Hall of the FACTORY BRANCALEONE
Since the venue has a limit of 100 seats, please confirm your participation.

Soon more details

Out the Luca Sigurtà / Panicsville tribute to italian director Lucio Fulci


Finally out on the label “Fratto 9 Under The Sky” the split dedicated to Lucio Fulci by the italian experimental artist Luca Sigurtà, active with his solo project or collaboration with acts like Luminance Ratio and Harshcore, and the american noise-makers Panicsville. The vynil is printed on one side only and releases in 100 copies limited edition.
You can find more info on Fratto 9’s bandcamp page: