Stahlwerk Radio proudly presents: “Alternate Coils – A tribute to Nikola Tesla”

Finally out, on Stahlwerk Radio, the tribute to the scientist Nikola Tesla. The compilation is edited on CD-R, limited edition of 150 copies.

A preview of the compilation is available on Soundcloud:

This is the complete playlist:

1. Splinter Vs Stalin – Compagni Elettrici
2. TempleZone – AmbX
3. Galerie Schallschutz – Teleforce
4. Mlada Fronta – Mutations
5. Instinct Primal – Awake the Energy
6. Condanna – Desert
7. SantAAgostinO – 432Hz
8. Sshe Retina Stimulants – Orgonic Radiations in Luminous Bursts of Trans-corporeal Secrecy
9. Ambrosia(@) – Matica
10. Luca Sigurtà – Paper Ghosts
11. Xabec – Magnifier Coil
12. Satanismo Calibro 9 (featuring NL4T) – Through the Threshold of Babalon – Tesla Transcendence Power
13. Bathory Legion – Antimatter
14. Wuornos Aileen – Termitaio nel Tardo Pomeriggio
15. Jupiter Giant – Sinusoidal Suns
16. MALATO – 100AnniAvanti

For more infos on the artists check below:

Splinter Vs Stalin


Galerie Schallschutz

Mlada Fronta

Instinct Primal



Sshe Retina Stimulants


Luca Sigurtà


Satanismo Calibro 9

Bathory Legion

Wuornos Aileen

Jupiter Giant


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